Dangle your feet and hold on tight as you hover over this great modern city. You haven’t seen it all until you try Dinner in the Sky Dubai. It’s basically having some of the best meals in history while hanging from the sky. Make sure you don’t accidentally drop your fork because you might lose it forever!


Dinner in the Sky

Even dinner is made to provide you with joy at Dinner in the Sky. Relish it with our tickets. Includes: 22 members max. View over 40 countries. Each session is for 90 minutes. Depending on the weather, the table can go high...

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This remarkable experience has been stated as one of the best and unusual restaurants in the world, according to Forbes. The entire situation of being lifted up in the sky and watching as your meal is cooked in front of you is just astonishing. It’s both dinner and view with an actual 360-degree effect to it.

This wondrous attraction is located in Sky Dive Dubai where people are lifted up 50 meters high by a crane. We can’t tell you to hang on for your life because you’re about to be served dinner, and who doesn’t like food. Especially when it’s served to you by professional chefs in the skies of Dubai.

An Extra Pinch of Wonder

This experience is perfect for throwing birthday parties and probably proposing to your loved one. Dinner in the Sky is one glorious dinner meal that can be taken advantage of for any occasion. Although, it might seem a bit unusual to have a business meeting dinner up there. You’ll be too busy gazing at the view to address any important issues.

Whatever you see fit and no matter what the occasion is, you can still enjoy a delicious dish with your friends and family. Not to mention, that some of the meals on the menu are actually some of the top-rated meals in the UAE. All thanks to the hard-working and dedicated cooks.

Corn Fed Chicken for lunch or Tortellini Pasta sir/ma’am? That’s the kind of experience you’ll have and the kind of food you’ll be eating up top. The chef’s menu has several tasty dishes and delicious meals to choose from. There’s even an afternoon tea break for you to sit back and adore the view.

A Tasty Side of VIP Tour

Don’t look any further for your special dinner with the gang because VIP Tour has your back. Contact us today and jump on board the Dinner in the Sky Dubai sensation. Take a minute to check out our offers and deals on some exceptionally priced tickets.

You could make your booking online or call us for help. We are always ready to serve you and answer any questions you might have. VIP Tour is your gateway to a memorable and mouth watering experience.

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