Imagine if every culture and every city in the world could be situated in one small village. You can see this wonder and experience what every culture and city offers with Global Village tickets. Take your family to a village where Western, Eastern, Southern, and Northern cultures are joined as one.


Global Village

Get your entry ticket to Global Village and relish a memorable journey loaded with happiness. Includes: Entry. Pick Up from Dubai hotel. Shared Pick-Ups between 08:30 PM & 09:00 PM. Further Information: All children must wear a wristband provided by the Ticket...

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Join in on the entertaining activities and special shows that will have you screaming with joy. The entertainment in this modern attraction never ends, not to mention the great food and cuisine it offers for its customers. Take advantage of your day or week off and spend some time exploring new customs.

Everything you need and desire has been brought to you in one place. If you’re looking to enjoy a nice meal from different societies or a fun, thrilling ride, this place has got you covered. From amazing sights to seeing and entertaining shows, you wouldn’t want to leave this place ever!

Unlimited Joy and Entertainment

A Global Village ticket is the first step in beginning your adventure. This marvelous place offers different amusement park rides that will quench your taste for the thrill. There are also games and one-of-a-kind experiences that can be fun for the whole family. Age is just a number in this remarkable village in Dubai.

Other than fun games and thrilling rides, Global Village also offers more than 40,000 shows each season. You get to experience street, stunt, or kids shows that will dazzle you at arrival. You can also enjoy the fireworks show they put on almost always, and even cultural ones that are quite interesting to watch.

Furthermore, we can’t start selling you our tickets without mentioning one of the most iconic activities in the village. The Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, and many others, should tease your brain and leave you puzzled at some of its artifacts. You can also test your intelligence in escaping the Mirror Maze.

Make it Worth Your While

All these shows and amazing activities sound fun and exciting, but what good is that on an empty stomach? Luckily your Global Village ticket also gives you the chance to taste mouth-watering dishes and meals. You can try a variety of foods and cuisines from different cultures in the dining sector. Whether it’s Korean, Indian, Chinese, or any other type of cuisine, it can be found here.

Take a stroll in the Pavilions where you’ll get the chance not only to taste different dishes but also to experience different cultures. You can also stop by the gift shop and grab a few things you can add to your souvenir pouch. Make sure you visit the Artisans section, where you can watch your items being carved in action.

If you’re thinking of visiting this exquisite destination, then let us be your journey providers. We make your adventure an enjoyable one at amazing deals and prices. All you have to do is touch that book now button, and we’ll take it from there. VIP Tour is always ready to provide you with the thrill and adventure you need in your vacation trips.

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