The world is changing and fun just got a new name. It’s called Yas Waterworld. Who knew water can be that exciting? From adrenaline rush rides to extraordinary VR experiences, water amusement parks should be on top of your to-do list.

Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld Family & Friends

Having some quality time with our family is priceless at the magnificent Yas Waterworld. Includes: 4 tickets for the price of three. 25% discount on further Single Day tickets. entrance is FREE for children aged 3 years old or younger. Free parking...

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Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld Single Day

Fulfill your vacation with the pleasure you crave with our Yas Waterworld Single Day tickets. Further Information: It has more than 40 rides, slides, and attractions. The longest dangled roller coaster in the Middle East. (Over 550 meters long) The rides are...

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Don’t just stand there! Get involved and participate in this modern and thrilling experience. It’s a fun-for-all adventure for you and your family. Some rides are suited for adults, and others are suited for children. You can also have the entire family join in on the activity with a water ride that’s suitable for all ages.

If you’re planning your next visit to the UAE and don’t know where to go, then we here at VIP Tour have you covered. For an exciting and adrenaline-rushing journey, we advise you to purchase one of our Yas Waterworld tickets. It’s not a family vacation or friend gathering if you don’t truly push the limits in your trip.

Dive into the Thrill

The activities and things you can do in Yas Waterworld are simply remarkable. Test your might and go down some of the tallest and fastest water slides you’ll ever experience. Be sure you have the heart and courage for it because you don’t want to miss out on all of the joy this place has to offer.

The excitement and adventure never end as the rides keep getting better. You have the option to surf some waves with Yas Waterworld’s famous Amwaj or take it up a notch with the Bubbles Barrel. You can also test your dodging skills as you fight to stay dry with the Cannon Point extravaganza.

Topping everything off, we present waterproof modern age technology. Yes, you guessed it! Virtual reality underwater can now be experienced with your Yas Waterworld ticket purchase. Take the time to discover underwater animal life and get into the action of virtually diving and exploring the coral reef.

Yas Waterworld, The Complete Journey

You can stay for hours and hours in this amazing waterpark without a care in the world. Yas Waterworld facilitates everything from a shopping experience to dining supplies. It’s like a water sanctuary where you have everything you need and more available in one remarkable adventure.

Gather your friends and family and prepare yourself for the water adventure of the year. The only way to defeat the scorching heat of the UAE is a nice, cooling, and smooth chill surf on the Al Raha River. Splashing down from Falcons Falaj’s peak will enhance your thrill and maintain your chill, as well. It’s just an everlasting cooling experience.

Don’t give it a second thought, and don’t miss out on this amazing trip. If you’re visiting the UAE for the first time or are already a resident here, then we can agree that Yas Waterworld should be on your destination list. So, get to packing and book your next journey with us at VIP Tour. All it takes is one click to make your booking possible.

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