What’s a vacation without enjoying something exhilarating and heart-pumping like La Perle Dubai tickets? If you think you’ve seen it all, guess again because Dubai has something quite entertaining and exciting for you installed. We’re talking about world-class acts and some of the most adrenaline-rush shows that will leave you dazzled with amazement.


Cruise Dinner & Show

Cruise Dinner & Show activity can flatter your lifestyle in the UAE with our memories. Includes: 90 mins cruise. (From Dubai Festival City Mall to La Perle) Lavish international buffet. (Sheikh Zayed waterfall bridge) View the world's tallest tower. View the Imagine...

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Be sure you have what it takes to endure these premium shows that conquer the UAE with their amazing stunts and acrobatic skills. With VIP Tours, the fun and thrill never end as we bring you top-rated entertainment to the stage.

A Stage of Beauty

Keep your eyes peeled, and don’t miss a moment. Get yourself La Perle Dubai tickets for you and your family to enjoy. You could always take your friends or even a large group to see what these shows have to offer. Whether it’s a death-defying stunt or acrobatic skill, La Perle has it all, and its professionals are ready to steal the show.


No matter how many sights you’ve seen and places you’ve visited, your vacation is never complete without a visit to this place. So, join in on the thrill and experience Dubai to the fullest.

Diverse Shows and Stages

Do you know why La Perle is such a remarkable show to witness? It’s because of the diverse stages and shoes that steal your glance every second of the way. There’s no telling what might be coming on next, as the originality and professionalism this place achieves are beyond your imagination.


Feist your eyes on stages that contain 2.7 million letters of water that magically turn from dry to a wet stage in a flash. Magnificent waterfalls and aquatic shows are here to take over the entire scene. Then you can watch the illusions in the projector shows or heroic acrobatic moves unlike any other. All of these are found in the heart of Dubai.

Take The Next Step

Take the next step and purchase your La Perle Dubai tickets from VIP Tours. The magnificent and exhilarating journey awaits you and your beloved family and friends.