Let’s dive into the water and swim with the fishes as we give you a real-life tour of Atlantis, The Palm Tour. You haven’t lived yet until you see underwater fish in their natural habitat. Covering an enormous set of underwater species from reef sharks to exotic fish that reach almost 65,000 in number.


Dolphin Dive & Discover

Dive into the friendly dolphins' lives and discover their great habitat with our packages. Includes: Check-in period is 20-minutes. Safety orientation for 10 minutes with a Marine Mammal Specialist. 30 minutes in the water. Depending on what you need, wetsuits and vests...

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Discovery Dive

Nothing is more satisfying than having a great Discovery Dive adventure with our tickets. Includes: Each experience lasts 30 minutes. An underwater experience. Educational guidance. Underwater skill session. Tour of the Ambassador Lagoon. Free towel. Free wetsuit. Free water bottles. Further Information:...

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Ultimate Snorkel Atlantis

Have the most unusual experience at the surface of the Ambassador Lagoon with our tickets. Includes: A 20 minutes swimming experience. (On the surface of the Ambassador Lagoon) Academic instructions. Free towel. Free Wetsuit. Free water bottle. Further Information: The maximum group...

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AquaTrek Atlantis

Experience the spectacular Aqua Trek activity. The most fascinating underwater activity. Includes: An underwater adventure.  Each experience lasts 30 minutes. Everyone will get an educational briefing. Ambassador Lagoon tour. Free towel. Free wetsuit. Free water bottles. Further Information: Dubai’s largest aquarium. The...

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Shark Safari with Aquaventure

Enjoy the marvelous underwater world at Aquaventure Waterpark with our tickets at VIP Tours. Includes: A 20-minute underwater. Educative instructions. Free access to Aquaventure Waterpark. (Same day) Further Information: All members must complete a medical history survey and an Atlantis disclaimer application...

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Sea Lion Discovery

Nothing can feel better than an astonishing adventure in the charming Sea Lion Discovery. Includes: Close in waist-deep water. Learn about dolphins' biology. Same day discounted admission rates to The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Free same-day access to Aquaventure waterpark. Educational session with...

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Sea Lion Meet and Greet

Relish the incredible activity of The Lost Chambers Aquarium with our tickets at VIP Tours. Includes: A discounted admission rate to The Lost Chambers Aquarium. (Same day) Free access to Aquaventure Waterpark. (Same day) Free Wifi. Further Information: A dry experience. Suitable...

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Dubai Dolphin Encounter

Interact with the most friendly Dolphins in the UAE with our majestic trips at VIP Tours. Includes: Close encounters with dolphins. You can touch, hug, dance, kiss, pet, cuddle and play with the friendly dolphins. Interactions are done in waist-high water.  10...

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Dolphin Meet and Greet

Meet and greet the kind dolphins with your family with our unusual package at VIP Tours. Includes: A Marine Mammal Specialist will be with you for a 10-minute orientation. Showers and changing rooms are available. Towels and lockers are available. Juices after...

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Dolphin Swim And Explore

Swim and explore the marvelous life of the most friendly dolphins with our delightful trips. Includes: Check-in within 20-minutes. Orientation for 10-minutes with a Marine Mammal expert. Members can enjoy the refreshing water for 40 minutes. Depending on your request water wetsuits...

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Atlantis Dubai Aquaventure & Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket

Experience the perfection of the Middle East's famous Water Park with our excellent tickets. Highlights: Experience the perfection of the Middle East's number one Water Park. Relish the UAE's biggest aquarium with over 65,000 marine animals. Ride the loop at the brand-new...

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You wouldn’t want to leave this underwater thrill and hands-on experience because you can’t get enough. Explore and educate your young ones with the underwater habitat of these amazing creatures. Get up close and see how they live, swim, eat, and interact with one another from behind the glass.

With lots of activities to explore and encounter, we offer more packages and deals to help you choose the best tour option for you. You can go with a simple behind-the-glass encounter with these small species or get up close and swim with the dolphins. Our vast activities will have you dazzled and filled with excitement.

Everlasting Joy and Thrill

Swim with the dolphins in Atlantis, The Palm Tour’s very own dolphinarium. We at VIP Tour will provide you with an exclusive interaction with these majestic and smart mammals. We don’t want you to miss this extraordinary experience as you pet them up close and swim by their side in the shallow waters.

If you feel like taking your water adventure deeper, then you should try diving with your favorite animal. Try a fun snorkel underwater and get a better look at other fish. As they move gracefully underneath your feet, you can snorkel down and join in on the swim easily.

There’s always a time for sitting back and taking pictures of these remarkable moments you share with your kids. Especially when they’re pointing at that glowing red and yellow fish from behind the glass. Take the family on a nice tour of the aquarium and lost chamber of Atlantis in Dubai. Have them explore and learn about underwater life.

The Palm Tour Booking at Ease

Like swimming and gazing at fish underwater, Atlantis, The Palm Tour offers many more activities and fun things to do. Take a look at what we have to offer from marvelous packages and great prices. Choose your desired deal and book your next underwater tour with VIP Tour today!

Don’t worry about the process because we made our website to provide easy and fast response booking services. With just one click, you can start swimming with the fish in no time. You could always give us a call if you have any questions or remarks.
Things You Need to Know:

  • Swimsuits are mandatory for certain activities in Atlantis, The Palm Tour.
  • Photography is prohibited for certain activities. There will be professional photographers to provide you with pictures.
  • Food and drinks aren’t allowed.
  • Children from 2 years up to 11 years old are required to get a Child Ticket.
  • Children ages 12 and above are required to get an Adult Ticket.
  • Covid-19 measures are taken, and the same rules apply.

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