If there are any mellow and smooth sailing people in your group of friends, then leave them at home. The Wild Wadi water park is not for the weak nor is it for the unadventurous spirits. This place was made for brave-hearted people and individuals looking for a fun and memorable experience.


Wild Wadi Water Park

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It’s time to get your swimming suits ready and your muscles prepared for this aqua adventure of a lifetime. With more than 20 water slides and activities to do, this remarkable water park offers an unexpected thrill to your journey. Sliding down from the peak of the sky as you glance at Burj Al Arab next to you is truly a breathtaking experience.

If you think you’re up to this trip, then you should gather all the people you know and start swimming. The park has a vast range of rides and slides that vary in age and extreme pleasure. Your family can also join in on the fun if they have what it takes.

Get a Watery Taste of Adventure

Wild Wadi Water Park has a huge range of slides that vary from tall terrifying blasts to lazy chilling rivers—looking for a thrilling slide that will boost your adrenaline levels? How about you try the famous and improved Jumeirah Sceirah? A 120-meter slide that will have you screaming for more the moment you hit the waters below.

Other exciting slides and rides give you the chance to share your anxiety and heart-pumping experience with others. Join in on the fun in a spiral and spinney splash in the swirly slide of Burj Surj. If that wasn’t enough for you, you could always share a floaty with your young one and ride the Master Blast roller coaster ride.

Test out your skill and surfing skills in some of the most iconic attractions in this park. Think you can maintain your balance and stay onboard your surfboard? If so, then enjoy the steady and sometimes rough waves of the Wipeout and Riptide ride. Don’t try to impress your crush if you’re not up for the challenge.

Turn Your Trip Into a VIP Experience

There’s no doubt that with all these exhilarating attractions in Wild Wadi Water Park, you’re bound to tire yourself out. You can top the trip off at the end with a nice smooth drift on the Juha’s Journey. It’s a nice easy river flow that will relieve some of your stress and recharge your energy for the next slide.

The best part about this water adventure is the location of the park. Jumeirah has lots of romantic and amazing sights to visit after you’re finished with your thrilling adventure. You can grab a nice meal from anywhere you like and take a few pictures in front of Burj Al Arab.

It will probably take us more than just one page to explain all the wonders and amazing activities this place has to offer. That’s why you should book your ticket today and enjoy your sensational vacation in Wild Wadi. VIP Tour has you covered with extraordinary packages and tickets at exceptional prices. Contact us today!

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