Pack your bags and put on those swimsuits because VIP Tour is about to turn around your sea experience. No more just sitting around on the beach and building sandcastles for fun. It’s time to take your fun to a new level with fun water sports in Dubai. Gather the gang because this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Water Jetpack

Jetpack (30 Mins)

Fill your time with an exciting Jetpack 30 Mins Experience at Palm Jumairah with VIP Tours tickets. Includes: Each session lasts for half-hour. Professional instructor. Water Jetpack device. Life jacket & helmet. Waterproof connection system. Valet service. Further Information: Previous experience is...

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Snorkeling, SUP & Kayaking (Fujairah)

An exciting adventure of Snorkeling, Sup & Kayaking. Order your tickets from our VIP Tours today! Includes: Safety gears. One-hour session. Guided by an expert. Further Information: Costumes & towels are not included. Your passport or Emirates ID is required during this...

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Hoverboard (30 Mins)

An activity of excitement between the sky and water. Book your tickets today from VIP Tours. Includes: Under the water and up in the sky adventure. Hoverboard sports device. Each session lasts around 15 or 30 minutes. Life jacket & helmet. Guide...

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Jetovator (30 Mins)

Boost your joy with an exciting Jetovator session. Book your tickets today from VIP Tours. Includes: High-powered jets into the air at the height of 15ft to 20ft. 15 or 30 Minutes. Life Jacket. Professional private guide. Helmet & Life jacket. Pick...

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Big Mable / Big Donut

Have the most pleasing activity with your friends with this Big Mable / Big Donut adventure. Includes: Life Jackets. Big Mable or Big Donut. Donut's passengers' number is a maximum of two people. Mable's passengers' number is a maximum of four people....

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Appreciate this Fly Board with your beloved ones and enjoy it to the fullest with VIP Tours. Includes: Each session lasts 15-minute. Life jackets. Each member should be able to swim or tread water. Each member will get instructions from a professional....

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This outstanding Fly Board experience will provide you with the most extraordinary time. Includes: Each session lasts for 20 - 30 minutes. Safety Equipment for each member. (Helmet, life jacket, etc) Each member will get guidance from a professional instructor for the...

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With our tickets to the incredible E-FOIL experience, your journey in Dubai is one of a kind. Includes: Instructions & guidance. Expert safety equipment. Electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard. Further Information: Over-the-water experience. Only one member is allowed on each board. Helps to improve...

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Try out a striking Wakeboarding/Kneeboarding/Waterskiing adventure with this great activity. Includes: An adaptable paddle & SUP board. Each member will begin with a 15-minute lesson by a professional instructor. Leash & Lifevest. Free drinking water. Access to both changing rooms and showers....

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Paddle Boarding

We offer the notable Paddle Boarding that will help you relish a stunning water sports memory. Includes: Stand-up paddleboard or kayak rentals. Life jacket for your safety. Towels are not included. Access will only be given for water sports. Further Information: Not...

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Explore the majestic landscape of Dubai with a significant double or opt kayak experience. Includes: Explore majestic Dubai. Available in both the morning and evening. 7 AM till 6 PM. Each member will be given a helmet for protection. Further Information: Duration...

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The Parasailing package we offer can enhance your vacation and fill it with happy memories. Include: Relaxing ride on the boat with your choice of music. An unforgettable parasailing experience. Instruction from a team of professionals. Comes with a speed boat. Timing...

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Scuba Diving

With a scuba diving adventure, your vacation in the UAE is at its most exquisite level. Description: With the greatness of this watersport, you can enjoy the significant nature underwater. This Scuba Diving package is two hours in total. Each member will...

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Yellow Boat

This yellow page package comes with charming memories for you and your precious family. Includes: Photo. Life Jackets. Directions by experts. Boat Ride. Pick up & Drop off. (If ordered) Many water activities. A reliable and well-maintained Rigid Inflatable Boat. Three types...

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Banana Ride Dubai

Gather your friends and have a Banana Ride Dubai package that's filled with what you crave. Includes: The Banana can carry up to 10 people at once. Each ride is for 15 minutes. Private group rides. Life Jackets. Safety instructions. Pick up...

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From speedy boat rides to hanging on your dear life from a floating banana, the sporty water goodness is just around the corner. Take the family out on some wet and thrilling excitement with our amazing packages. Get involved and participate in some of the most entertaining sea activities in history.

We don’t just offer great activities and things to do on the beach, but also amazing packages and prices. It’s a fun experience and probably a promising-priced one if you’re looking for a sensational trip. Don’t just dive in the water or paddle to the middle of the sea for excitement. Take your fun to another level with VIP Tour.

More and More Thrilling Watery Fun

One trip might not be enough to enjoy all of these amazing activities. All of the different water sports in Dubai need at least a few days to check out. Not to mention some might want to come back for more. It’s almost like a non-melting cone of ice cream. No matter how much you consume, the satisfaction never ends.

Hold on to your life and try to survive till the end! Come out on top as the sea champion with a nice thrilling game of Banana Ride. You and a bunch of your friends will try to stay on the inflatable banana as a fast-speeding boat pulls you out of control. Make sure you stay dry and watch out for those nasty turns.

If you’re up for more challenges and extreme water sport activities, then have a go at flyboarding. Fly up in the air and then dive into the water with a water-based jet pack. Other thrilling activities include scuba diving and exploring the deep blue sea, while others test your brave heart with Parasailing.

Choosing Your VIP Tour

It’s that time of the year where a trip to the beach is needed to blow off some steam. You, your friends, and your family need a break from all the work stress and overload. Chill, relax, and book some water sports in Dubai. Make your sandy beach goodness one you’ll never forget.

Have a look at all of the offers and deals we’re providing for your satisfaction. We are providing different packages and tickets to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our prices are also hot! So, you can definitely count on us for a competitive price.

Still, waiting? Get up and call us or book your ticket online and take the wildest vacation ever. With a few simple steps and clicks, you’ll be instantly booking your sporty watery adventure. Choose us and live at ease!

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