Live your life full of adventure and thrill. If you’re fond of those childhood memories and want to recall some of those iconic moments, then join us in the IMG World adventure. You and your kids can enjoy a land where cartoons are brought to life and their lands are free for you to explore.


IMG World – Unlimited Access To All The Activities

Get unlimited access to your desires and satisfaction with our priceless tickets at VIP Tours. Includes: Unlimited access to all the activities. Adrenaline-pumping attractions. Interactions with Marvel superheroes. Visit the as Lost Valley, Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, Novo Cinemas, Lost Valley,...

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Go on a journey and have your kids encounter all the great rides their cartoon heroes have to offer. You can gather the entire family for this marvelous trip! We offer plenty of packages and features that allow you to have a blast at this remarkable amusement park. Be sure to have your fun hat on the entire ride.

An amusement park that offers specially themed rides that range from fast roller coasters to spinning goodness is an endless fun journey. Not to mention all the equipment and things you can buy from the souvenir stores. You might even be lucky enough to buy an original Thor Hammer. I hope you’re worthy to wield it, though.

Mind-Blowing Rides and Activities

Going to an amusement park means it’s all about the rides and fast roller coasters. When you step into this IMG World adventure, you’ll be amazed at the different rides you can experience and enjoy. It’s almost difficult to decide where to start first. You might even need to come back a few times to try out everything in the park.

Of course, who can blame you if you get overwhelmed? This attraction truly has a vast collection of activities and things to do. You might be tempted to visit Marvel world first and take on the Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge ride. On the other hand, Cartoon Network land has a few stunning rides of its own as well.

It’s hard to decide what to start with and what rides to try out. That’s why you need to be fully ready and mentally prepared for all the fun and excitement you’re about to encounter. Don’t let those delicious burgers and fries keep you away from all the sensation around you.

We’re Your Trusted Joy Guide

It’s all fun and games until you’re finally drained of your energy. Even if you feel extremely tired that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this place for what it has. How about you move to the food court and try out some of the famous Marvel, Cartoon Network, and more themed restaurants in IMG World adventure?

Besides delicious food and tasty meals, you can stop by the shops and pick out a few things like clothes and more. A few souvenirs here and some Cartoon Network collectibles there will make this trip ever the more enjoyable. Try to resist the temptation of buying the entire store, though.

This all sounds fun and a great opportunity to try something new. So, why are you still thinking about it? Contact VIP Tour today and book your next trip to IMG World with your family. Get involved in the thrilling adventure as you recall some great childhood memories.

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