A point in history where ancient Arabian culture transformed into the modern and futuristic city that we all see today. Witness one of this city’s most iconic landmarks representing Dubai’s old history, present accomplishments, and future goals. Get your Dubai frame tickets from VIP Tours and discover the unknown future of what lies ahead for this remarkable country.


Dubai Frame

With the exceptional Dubai Frame, you'll see the charming past, present, and future of Dubai. Includes: Access to Old Dubai Gallery. Access to Present Dubai. Access to Future Dubai Gallery. Further Information: Pets are not allowed. Foods & drinks are not allowed....

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You can also explore where everything started and how Dubai came to be a new-age city. So get packing and start your journey with a glimpse of the future.

A Historical Accomplishment

With your Dubai Frame ticket, you can take a look at the largest frame constructed in the city that resembles the connection between Dubai’s old culture and the new one. Staring at this gigantic landmark is an eyecatching experience, and taking pictures of it will keep it saved in your memories forever.


As you enter the great Frame of Dubai, you’ll have the option to either educate yourself of Dubai’s ancient past in the old Dubai Gallery or witness the present accomplishments with an eye’s view perspective. The possibilities are endless, and there are lots of things to explore on sight.

A Glimpse Into The Future

Another remarkable experience you can encounter with your Dubai Frame ticket is the Future Dubai Gallery. You’ll enter the elevator and exit on the mezzanine floor to pass through a swirling tunnel with special audio and visual effects. These features give you the feel and perspective of what this city has planned for the coming years.


It’s a relaxing and soothing tour to get to know the country, once a sandy desertland and now is a modern city. Achievements like these give out a beam of hope and inspiration that helps the people prosper and work hard to provide a better tomorrow.

A VIP Historical Tour

If history and iconic monuments are your go-to vacation activities, then make sure you give VIP Tours a call to book your next visit to the Dubai Frame. We provide the complete package and competitive deals on tickets that will enhance your touring experience.

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