Are you feeling pumped and excited? Well, you should because the Dubai Dolphinarium has a magnificent water show that’s going to sweep you off your feet. Hold onto your seats and make sure you have an umbrella because this water show is determined to get you wet with every splash.


Swimming With Dolphins In Dolphirium (Deep Water)

The majestic Swimming With Dolphins In Dolphinarium activity can enhance your trip to Dubai. Includes: The interactions are done in deep water. Each session should include eight guests maximum. Interactions include kisses, hugs, dancing, and high-energy behavior. Every member will be guided...

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Dubai Dolphinarium VIP Pass (Closed on Sundays)

Our DUBAI DOLPHINARIUM VIP PASS will fulfill your trip with the most extraordinary time. Includes: Free access to the Aquarium Tunnel. Free access to the Underwater Zoo. Free access to the Meet & Greet Area. (If you'd like) Free entry Underwater Observatory...

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Swimming With Dolphins In Dolphirium ( Shallow Water)

Swimming has never been this fun! Relish it with our Swimming With Dolphins In Dolphinarium. Includes: The interactions are done in shallow water. Each session should include eight guests maximum. Interactions include kisses, hugs, dancing, and high-energy behavior. Every member will be...

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Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets: Dolphin & Seal Show

Enjoy the charm of the Dolphin & Seal Show with your precious family with VIP Tours' tickets/ Further Information: Regular ticket seatings are on a first-come-first-served basis.  It's recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes before the show. The Aquarium includes several...

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Feast your eyes on some of the smartest and bright mammals that swim on the surface of the earth. From intelligent dolphins to flexible seals, the things you’ll witness are so fascinating that you probably wouldn’t believe it the first time. Some of these tricks these animals do are even better than when humans do them.

From amazing backflips to jumping into hoops, you’ll be amazed by how marvelous and magical the show is. It’s all thanks to the professional dolphin and seal trainers that strive daily to bring out the best of these mammals. Share this entertaining moment with your friends and family with great seats from VIP Tour.

Make New Aqua Friends

It’s completely fascinating how a dolphin can jump that high and how a seal can stretch that long. Although what’s truly remarkable is seeing all of that up close and in person. The Dubai Dolphinarium offers people the chance to swim with the dolphins, dance in the water, and give them a small kiss on the nose.

Get intimate and make new aqua friends easily as professional instructors teach you to interact with these cute creatures. Don’t worry; they won’t bite. These professional trainers have made this up-close experience safe and extremely easy with their constant training. Plus, dolphins are gentle mammals, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Other activities and shows also include interaction with feathery animals like rare birds and Sea Eagles. The Creek Park Exotic show puts on one of the most entertaining and mesmerizing bird shows in all of the UAE. It also offers an up-close experience to take pictures and have an eagle stand on your wrist.

Exceptional VIP Offers and Tickets

We at VIP Tour are dedicated to bringing you the best touring experience in the UAE. We provide great packages and deals on the Dubai Dolphinarium trip that you can’t resist. From swimming and playing with dolphins to watching seals dancing and doing tricks, your VIP Tour ticket will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Don’t worry about your safety and other requirements, for all Covid-19 regulations have been considered and implemented accordingly. Also, if you feel like grabbing a bite or buying some items as souvenirs, then you can visit the food court and gift shop.

Take the first step in a fun, hands-on adventure with us at VIP Tour. We guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable adventure and exciting journey. Book your next trip and purchase one of our competitively priced tickets today! You can also give us a call if you have any questions or inquiries you want to know about. We’re here to help!

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