The UAE desert has always looked magnificent up from the sky. Of course, what better way to take flight than in a good old hot air balloon ride in Dubai. A slow and smooth sailing flight will give you both the time and enjoyment when gazing at the vast sandy desert from the skies. Think you have the guts for it?


Hot Air Balloon – Charter Package

Nothing can feel pleasanter than relishing a hot air balloon Charter Package with VIP Tours. Includes: Pick up and drop. (Dubai only) Gourmet Breakfast. Camel Ride. Dune Bashing. Falcon Show. Quad Biking or Horse Riding. Group Photo with Pilot after landing. Certificate...

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Hot Air Balloon – Deluxe Package

Our Deluxe package at VIP Tours is the ideal way to relish your time with your beloved person. Includes: +/- 30mins to 1 hour Balloon Flight. Breakfast. Camel Ride. Flying certificate signed by the pilot. Timing: The flight starts a few minutes...

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Hot Air Balloon – Adventure Package

Pick a date, and relish a significant activity with our hot air balloon adventure package. Includes: Pick up and drop off (Dubai Only). Sunrise View. +/- 30mins to 1-hour flight. Dunes and local inhabitants view. A certificate signed by the pilot. Breakfast....

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All it takes to lift your spirit and pump up some adrenaline into your veins is a sensational flying experience. For every person visiting Dubai for the first time or is a resident and hasn’t yet tried this trip, then you’re missing out on a lot. Become a soaring eagle and scan the entire desert underneath you.

It’s quite exhilarating not just to fly across the desert but also to land and take a cruise around the safari. You can get the complete package from flying to dining and more from us here at VIP Tour. Make the best out of your stay in Dubai with a hot air balloon trip.

Making Dreams Come True

Flying has been a dream for many people. Become free and embrace your inner happiness with a simple hot air balloon ride in Dubai. It’s not a plane trip overseas; it’s much better than that. You get to see this modern city once a sandy desert and appreciate mankind’s hard work and innovative minds.

Take your partner or a few friends on this exhilarating trip up in the Arabian desert skies. Depending on your requirements, you can book a private hot balloon ride or go on a thrilling safari ride. Explore the desert and everything it offers, from animals to exceptional nighttime skies that will have you mesmerized.

It’s all fun and games until your stomach starts rumbling. We can’t have our guests and customers feeling hungry the entire tour. So, dig in and have some of the tastiest gourmet and Arabian cuisine this country has ever made. Keep that tummy satisfied while you sit down and enjoy the sandy view.

Promising Hot Air Balloon Prices and Offers in Dubai

With VIP Tour, your satisfaction and joy are our highest priority and responsibility. Don’t worry about planning where you want to go or what you need to do next. Just let us handle the entire process while you relax and enjoy a hot air balloon in Dubai experience.

We offer our customers several packages to choose from and tickets to purchase. Whether you’re looking for a full thrilling experience or just certain features, we have it right here. So, take the time to check our offers and choose the best option for you and your family.

Take advantage of your vacation and experience new things in Dubai. Your memorable trip starts with that first booking click. Our simple to use website will guide you through the booking process and will have you purchase your ticket in a matter of seconds. VIP Tour is here to make your trips sensational!

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