No trip to the UAE is ever complete without a challenging journey into the scorching Deser Safari Dubai. Take on the sandy hills in Dune buggies and enjoy a delicious desert meal in the evening or late at night. Take the time to cherish these moments with your friends and family as it’s truly a remarkable adventure to experience.


Overnight Desert Safari & Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

Be the hero of your own adventure in a nice Vintage Land Rover Safari and overnight camping. The First Day Includes: Vintage Land Rover Safari & overnight camping on the first day. Pick up from your Dubai hotel to travel into the...

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Heritage Falconry & Wildlife Safari

Investigate the magnificent and charming wildlife of the UAE in an elegant vintage Land Rover. Includes: A combination of falcons, hawks, and owls. A wildlife drive in vintage Land Rovers. A world-class falcon show. You can interact with the birds of prey...

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Bedouin Breakfast and Love Lakes

This ideal journey in the UAE is where you'll make the best memories. Enjoy each second of it. Includes: An air-conditioned vintage Land Rover Defender. A cultural adventure by crossing the desert on a camel. The destination is a nomadic Bedouin camp....

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Overnight Desert Safari

Have the nicest night with your friends in the UAE with a spectacular Desert Safari journey. Includes: Spend the night in the heart of the Dubai desert. Exploring the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on a wildlife drive. 1950’s vintage Land Rovers ride....

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Night Safari & Astronomy

Nights can have their own charm with a nice Safari & Astronomy adventure in the lovely UAE. Includes: A private Night Desert Safari in Dubai. Wildlife trip through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Nature walks with UV arachnid lights. An authentic open-air...

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Camel Desert Safari

Experience riding a friendly Camel and travel exploring the UAE's unimaginable history. Includes: Explore the desert on a traditional camel convoy. A 45-minute journey through the desert. A falcon show in the desert dunes. A professional falcon show. You can have great...

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Heritage Desert Safari

Get to know the wildlife of Dubai with an incredible 1950's vintage Land Rover adventure. Includes: Wildlife drive in 1950’s vintage Land Rovers. Learn about the unique desert ecosystem. Falcon show led by a professional Falconer. Gently lit with traditional lamps and...

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It’s a blast from the past experience as you explore the origins of this modern city and where it all started. The way this magnificent new-age city had appeared from the aches of a scorching desert, is truly magnificent. However, Arabians made the impossible possible by building Dubai from the ground up and achieving great milestones.

Experience the great culture and historic moments in this amazing journey in the sandy desert. make sure you gather as many friends and family members as possible to make this trip ever the more exciting. You could always take on the experience on your own, but as we all know, the more the merrier in this situation.

Time is of The Essence in The Desert

Some people find it difficult to make time for a nice Desert Safari Dubai experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! This trip offers a range of timelines and different activities you can choose from that suit your schedule and needs. VIP Tour offers you these amazing packages for your satisfaction.

The most iconic trip of them all is the evening desert safari. You’ll get the chance to ride on the backs of camels, have a nice Dune bashing, and enjoy a delicious meal to top it all off. The tour also provides several stops for you to take pictures to document these magical moments. You can also experience activities like sandboarding if you’re up for an adrenaline rush.

Other activities, which could be fit for people with tight schedules, could be experiencing in the morning, overnight, or just a dinner safari. With these options, you can either take on a buggy ride in the morning, enjoy the dark desert sky with a nice meal at night, or an entertaining show by the campfire. The choices are endless.

Sandy Adventure with Ease

Belly dancing, consuming tasty Arabian dishes, and BBQ, if those activities don’t tempt you, we don’t know what will. Book your next visit today and contact VIP Tour for your ticket and exclusive package to a Desert Safari Dubai. Take advantage of our competitive prices to take the entire gang on a memorable trip.

Everything to make your trip easy and comfortable has been taken care of. Buggy drivers are amazing at what they do so you don’t have to worry about your safety. First aid kits and professional medics will also be on board in the journey to make sure everyone is taken care of if needed.

Don’t wait any longer and book your trip while you still can. Don’t miss out on such a great adventure. Just click that booking button and purchase your ticket for an amazing safari experience with VIP Tour.

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