Adult AED 350/Ride
Child AED 350/Ride

Tour overview

With a scuba diving adventure, your vacation in the UAE is at its most exquisite level.


With the greatness of this watersport, you can enjoy the significant nature underwater. This Scuba Diving package is two hours in total. Each member will have two hours to get completely prepared for a safe and astonishing adventure combined with 30 minutes of diving training and 30 minutes of actual diving. This experience will provide you with the most outstanding memories in the beautiful UAE.


  • Every session is for three hours. 
  • Two hours to get the member ready for diving. 
  • 30 minutes of training.
  • 30 minutes of diving.
  • Photos & Videos will be taken for each member.
  • Members should be at least 10 years old.
  • No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary.
  • Highly depends on weather conditions.