5-star hotels are pretty unique in the UAE. They offer excellent service, breathtaking views, and significant private pools. But did you ever think about how fascinating it would feel to stay in a 7-star hotel? Well, the UAE hosts the only 7-star hotel in the world. Located at Burj Al Arab, at Jumeirah Beach, it offers the ultimate luxury with its fleet of Rolls Royce models, dancing fountains, and gold leaves everywhere. Are you seeking such wealthiness?

Looks Pleasing & Feels More Promising

Every detail about this skyscraper is remarkably designed to fascinate every visitor and viewer. Whether we are talking about the exterior design that looks incredible or the artistically interior that is entirely made to catch the viewer’s eye at a glance. Every corner, wall, and furniture piece is designed highly astonishing for us to admire. At the same time, this lovely spot includes an exquisite high-level service that’s much more pleasing than any other hotel, even 5-star ones.

Complement Your Visit

It might seem too expensive to rent a room at this hotel, but think about how worthy it is. It has the softest beds, most outstanding views of the dancing fountains and remarkable Dubai attractions, and takes good care of whatever you need or crave. Whether you’re alone, with your family & friends, or traveling solo, this is the most excellent site for you to excite your soul and feel how luxurious the UAE is. Not only is this a nice place to sleep and calm yourself away from your busy lifestyle, but it also includes a selection of the most outstanding bars and restaurants where food is prepared on a whole new level of deliciousness.

Fun Is Only A Few Minutes Away

Another impressive thing about staying in this hotel is how it’s only a few minutes away from every breathtaking activity. It’s located in a great spot where accessing any adventure you want takes no time. As one of the UAE’s most famous spots, it’s known for its exquisite designs and excellent views. It’s also close to Dubai Mall, where you can enjoy some extraordinary brand shopping while your beloved kids enjoy special family-friendly activities. Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy the most significant quality time at the beach nearby. Sounds incredible, don’t you think? If you’re seeking the best way to create memories, don’t hesitate to visit this glory site. 

Made For You To Appreciate

The way this lovely spot is built is impressive. With its 321m height, it’s considered the fourth tallest hotel globally. It resembles a ship’s sail with its exterior that you can’t help but book a room and get inside to see how remarkable it looks. If you’re seeking a glory experience, this is the spot for you.