Every spot in the UAE is one of a kind. Every corner is loaded with admirable activities, remarkable scenes, and stunning achievements. But when it comes to having quality time and living some spectacular memories with your beloved ones, Ras Al Khaimah becomes your dreamland. In this magnificent spot, you get to explore a rich historical background and more significant developments. As an area people attend worldwide, its views and significance keep developing to offer you nothing less than more satisfaction.

Explore Some Charm

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the oldest Emirates in the UAE, filling it with great cultural spots and archeological discoveries. Take advantage of your time in this lovely place to explore some breathtaking sites.

The National Museum

If you’d like to meet the UAE’s past and explore its achievements, this is the place for you. The national museum holds a selection of the oldest weapons, ethnological artifacts, and manuscripts that helped this beautiful country grow to what it is today. At the same time, it beautifully presents the foundation area for the Islamic era’s first inhabitance. 

Saqr Park

How about refreshing your soul with some fresh air and relaxing time with your beloved family? The great Saqr park is every family’s best place, making it a famous landmark in the Kieran area. It offers a wide range of play activities, from roller coasters, big splash rides, table tennis courts, and electronic car hails. Your children will admire their time in this spot, while all you do is relax and enjoy the lovely green views.

Iceland Water Park

Another fascinating place you would desire is stunning Iceland, Water Park. This wet fun palace offers a cheaper wet experience than most of the other water parks in the UAE. You get to enjoy the same amount of fun, but without wasting your money. This fun activity holds a selection of different rides that suit everyone, those who crave adrenaline and those who like to have fun, but in a controlled way.

Jeep Safari

If you’re with your friends, then it’s time to feel the thrills of the most excellent Jeep models in Ras Al Khaimah’s desert safari! People always tend to Dubai’s desert, which makes this area calmer for you to have fun in any way you like. Get behind the wheel, and let the desert lead your joy.

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Al Sawan Race Track

As camel racing is the traditional sport of the Middle East, this race track is admired by millions of people worldwide. It’s an area of 10 Km crowded by visitors from October to April when the racing begins. If you’d like to meet the cultural sport of the UAE, you need to check this remarkable place.

Live The Thrill

Every activity or scene is worth exploring when it comes to any Emirate in the UAE. After years of hard work and outstanding achievements, this site became a dreamland for those seeking comfort and delight. If you’re on your way to developing your lifestyle and enjoying every second of it, you need to visit every Emirate and try out every activity.