Dubai desert is one of the UAE’s most charming places you can visit and explore. It offers many family-friendly activities that are enjoyable and luxurious. You can explore the lifestyles of camels, take pictures with them, and live many other fascinating activities. At the same time, you’ll get to know thousands of incredible camel facts that will surprise you, including how they survive the different weather conditions.  

The camel racing event is one of the traditional events people admire in the Emirate. It offers a family-friendly experience that people come from around the world to enjoy. Not only does it provide a great memory to keep in mind, but it also provides you with the knowledge of how these fantastic creatures survive within any weather. Ever since ancient times, this one-of-a-kind event s experience has been desired by every Emirati and worldwide.

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Camels Are The Lifeline Of The Desert

As these animals symbolize the UAE’s pride and prosperity, people take great care of them and provide them with a unique lifestyle. Furthermore, they include camels in many exquisite activities for you to enjoy, from racing, riding, and shows. Despite the fascinating experiences you can enjoy in the UAE with these remarkable creatures, the camel race event is admirable that you and your family will cherish.

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Related to The UAE’s Great Tradition & Culture

The fascinating activity of camel racing is one of the luxurious cultural events in the UAE. It’s mainly performed to save the elegant Emirati cultural values as a global event.

A Unique Sporting Event

This popular racing sport is one of the UAE’s most pleasant experiences. As one of the world’s biggest sports, it includes more than 10,000 expertly trained camels of different ages and breeds from around the UAE, competing for 12 days, uploaded with 300 races. It’s a legendary sport for those who’d like to feel wealthy and explore the UAE’s richness.


The surprising thing about this incredible event is that the entry is free for anyone interested in watching, making this activity a family-friendly fun time that would cost you nothing. On the other hand, there are a few rules everyone should keep up with. For example, it’s not allowed to take images during the race.

Who Organizes Such An Outstanding Event?

In partnership with Media World, a unique club organizes this lovely experience in the UAE called Dubai Camel Racing Club. In February or March, you can enjoy this activity in Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack or Al Lisaili Racetrack – Al Ain E66 Road.

Technology Is A Part Of Every Event

In the UAE, technology is the first thing used to enhance any event or sport. In camel racing, the organizers use advanced and prominent tools to create an excellent habitat in the racetrack for the camels to be comfortable within every race. 

All In All

There are thousands of other places you can enjoy on your visit to the UAE, but when it comes to meeting an actual cultural event, Camel racing is a must. As a unique experience not available everywhere but in the UAE, not watching it is a waste.