Having fun in the UAE is one of the easiest things you can gain. With thousands of great activities you can experience there, every area is one of a kind to explore. Dubai Mall Aquarium is one of the most visited areas by tourists and residents as well. As it offers an opportunity to explore the underwater zoo that includes 33,000 aquatic animals from over 200 species, a collection of the wildest and most remarkable sea creatures, you won’t regret spending some time enjoying its charm. At the same time, as the world’s most giant indoor aquarium, every single detail about it is surprising. 

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Most Excellent Facts About Dubai Mall Aquarium

This incredible place is known as a unique area in the UAE and all over the world. It contains many stunning sea creatures we don’t get the chance to see everywhere, such as sharks and rays. Furthermore, it offers an adventure to remember for the rest of your life!

Recorded in Guinness Book

One of the most significant facts about this stunning place is that it’s recorded as the largest indoor aquarium in the Guinness book. It weighs more than 2 45,000 kilograms. At the same time, it measures 32.8 m X 8.3 m X 750 mm. Sounds remarkable, right?

Architect & Interior

At the same time, this fabulous place was designed by Peddle Thorp, an Australian-based architecture and interior designer. On the other hand, it’s today managed by Emaar Entertainment.

Live The Adventure

Not only does this place look incredible, but it also offers a selection of the finest adventures, from diving with the sharks and cage snorkeling.

Behind The Scenes

If you’re seeking to present yourself with more excitement, then you need to try out a behind-the-scenes tour. It helps you view how this wild place is managed, from feeding these creatures to cleaning it and caring for the different sea animals.

Underwater Photos

As they say, memories should be on paper, not only in our brains! Well, this outstanding adventure allows you to take underwater photos that you will admire. Don’t let your memories fade away! Instead, keep them alive with a photography session filled with delight.

Boat Riding

You also can experience watching these animals closely and maybe feed them! Don’t be scared; your guide will be there for you while all you do is enjoy your experience to the fullest!

All In All

This fantastic area is a stunning place for you to experience a wild adventure. If you’re in the UAE or seeking to visit anytime soon, this trip is highly recommended for you and your friends/family. Especially for those who have kids, children love this place as it’s not available everywhere! Present yourself and your family with a priceless experience and enjoy every second of your visit to the Dubai mall aquarium.