Do you admire hotspots that show nature in its best conditions? If that was a yes, you need to give this area a visit. The remarkable Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is Dubai’s first tropical forest. It includes a selection of charming migrating birds of every kind! It holds spectacular ancient wetlands, including a protected wildlife port with over 20,000 water birds of more than 67 species; people admire viewing its stunning scenes. Surprisingly, this area is entirely different from the city’s busy lifestyle, with only a few miles in between.

Quality Time At Its Finest

This breathtaking site is a blissful 6-kilometer-long. It’s naturally designed with a combination of salt flats, lagoons, scrublands, antique mangroves, and more. If you’re an avid birdwatcher, this bird park is a piece of heaven for you to visit. Furthermore, there are a few facts that people don’t know about but can help you easily fall in love with this area.


Have you ever watched a flamingo feed voraciously? Well, now you can watch it from actual close areas with a great and prominent site. The Flamingo Hide spots offer a significant experience with these astonishing birds. The great thing about watching these birds is when they flock to the hide to feast on the delicious queenfish. Every second of watching these pretty birds is priceless.


On the southern edge of Ras Al Khor, you can inspect the rich mangrove forest. By being in the mangroves, you get to watch the roosting birds swim into the water to get their seafood directly, which is a significant experience like no other.

Who Are You Coming With?

As nature is a complex place that offers nothing less than complete delight, it doesn’t matter who’s coming with you. You can be coming alone or with your friends, and still have a significant adventure. This place is unique with its scenes and experiences. One minute you’re viewing your favorite bird living its life, then out of sudden, you get to see it catching its meal! When it comes to Ras Al Khor, your adventure is as unique as possible. Sounds great. Right?