Planning a great experience in the UAE is all about having fun and building memories with your beloved family and friends. One of the most incredible adventures you can enjoy in the UAE is visiting Ferrari World. It includes a selection of the most significant activities that you and your kids will admire. If you’re seeking delight, this might be your opportunity to enhance your lifestyle into a more enjoyable one. This majestic place will present you with incredible memories.

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Explore All About Ferrari World

Who doesn’t admire having a Ferrari or even the sound of its engine we hear on the streets? Well, we all respect that sophisticated brand. That’s the first reason you need to visit this place and relish its charming activities. 

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Live The Thrill

Nothing will feel more thrilling than riding the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World. Feel the adrenaline running all over your body with the speed of 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds only! Sounds amazing.

Flying Is Also An Option!

Another fascinating activity you can enjoy is riding the flying aces in the world’s highest roller-coaster ring. At the height of 63 meters and a 51-degree incline, you will see the world from a whole new scene.

Challenge Yourself

Is Ferrari F430 Spider your dream model? Well, you can cherish a racing circuit that’s based on actual GT sessions or an exciting action simulator in a real F1 and F430 model. You can feel the thrill through every second of these adventures.

Drive Your Dream Model

Make your dream come true by driving your dream Ferrari car. Get behind the wheel and admire the sound of its roar. It sounds and feels exciting. Can anything feel better than sitting behind the wheel of your preferred model?

For You & Your Kids

How about a great experience your kids would enjoy? Present your children with a breathtaking experience riding the Tyre Twist. Each tire support up to five people, which makes it incredible for some family time.

Speed Of Magic

This exquisite ride is all about presenting yourself with a fascinating experience. Explore the 4D fantasy universe that’s filled with significance. 

How Are These Cars Built?

Explore the building of your preferred model by watching the making process from the start phase to the finished product that we all admire.

All About Ferrari World

This significant place is loaded with the greatest adventures. Whether you’re a Ferrari lover or would like to appreciate this charming place, this area will become your favorite at a glance. The stunning Ferrari World is a breathtaking adventure you’ll admire. Visit this place and enjoy a sophisticated adventure that’s like no other!