Tour overview

Satisfy yourself with some first-class time and inspect the UAE ideally at SkyDive Dubai.


  • Jumping from the height of 13000 ft & enjoy a free fall for 60 seconds.
  • Floating in your parachute for 4-5 minutes.
  • Digital pictures are included in the package.
  • Experts of staff are available to ensure a safe experience.


  • Managed by special monitoring of qualified experts.
  • Top-notch protection facilities will be given to each member.
  • Palm Dropzone: Skydive Dubai, Al Seyahi St, Dubai
  • Desert Dropzone: Skydive Desert Campus, Al Ain Road, Margham
  • Each member will be accompanied to the boarding area for a pre-boarding protection inspection and photos.
  • Each member will be combined with an instructor and a camera flyer will exit the plane and free fall.
  • At 6,000 feet, your parachute extends and the member will get a 4-5 minute parachute ride down.
  • The camera flyer will interview each member again to record their reaction, and they’ll be conducted off the landing area back to the central building.

Further Information:

  • It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothes. (Sneakers/sports shoes)
  • If anyone suffers from or has previously been sickened from any of the medical conditions must fill out the Declaration of Fitness form.
  • Weight rules: (Women should be 90 kg or less, men should be 100 kg or less)
  • Pregnant women are not allowed.
  • Sharp objects, lighter, alcohol, and knives are not allowed during the activity.
  • Must not be under the control of drugs or alcohol 24 hours before.
  • Scuba dive isn’t allowed for 24 hours before the date of your tandem skydive.
  • Extra payments are not included.

Age Guidelines:

  • Each member must be 12 years old or older.
  • Each member with an age between 12 to 17 years of age must check in with an adult. (Parent or legal guardian)
  • Each person with the age of 60 years old or more must have a doctor’s certificate.