The UAE is one of the places loaded with fascinating adventures. Every site has at least two or more experiences that you and your family and friends can explore and enjoy. When it comes to Abu Dhabi, every location is as remarkable as you can imagine. Having only 34 hours to explore the remarkable Abu Dhabi isn’t even close to enough! But if that’s all you have, let’s plan a delightful trip and fill it with this area’s most outstanding and inspiring experiences and views! 

What To Do In This Area?

You can always find something to do and enjoy in this dreamy area. Whether you prefer starting your day with some astonishing views or enjoying a unique experience, this city has it all for you!

Early Mornings

Most people admire having a cup of juice or coffee in the early mornings, which you can enjoy on a whole new level. With a wide selection of excellent 5-star restaurants and cafes, you get to drink your coffee with superb service and astonishing views. 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Nothing feels more spectacular than starting your visit by spending some time exploring a holly place that looks and feels warm. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a mesmeric and tranquil site that includes the world’s largest carpet, an enormous chandelier with 24-Karat gold and Swarovski crystals, and a breathtaking detailed design. This site is where you get to meet the most outstanding Islamic art.

Yas Island

After you have had your quiet time, it’s time for a dose of adrenaline! At YAS island, your joy is a priority. This site presents a collection of excellent watersports, slides, and tubes where your kids will have maximum fun. At the same time, this place includes the stunning themed Ferrari World and Warner Bros, where you get to meet your favorite characters and enjoy special activities.

Louvre Museum

As a part of the French Louvre museum, this place is loaded with over 130 original artworks where you can meet what real art is all about. If you’re seeking to have some quality time and explore the most beautiful time in Abu Dhabi, it’s time to visit this museum. This area is the region’s most extensive art gallery that displays a modern and iconic paintings and sculptures collection. It’s an 8000 square meters area where you get to admire art as you like.

Explore the Arabian culture

Who said the UAE is only about having fun? This area includes decades of the most surprising growth story. Its cultural spots can show a fantastic story where you can’t see anywhere else. It’s great to have fun with your friends and family by experiencing as many adventures as you can, but don’t forget to meet this city’s wonderful tale at the Heritage Village, where a story is always about to be told!

All In All

Any activity you do or area you visit on this site is remarkable. The UAE is a spectacular place where you can have fun and enjoy a breathtaking adventure. If you’re seeking to have fun with your beloved ones, this place is perfect for you to create some memories. Plan your 24 hours trip and fill it with every activity and scene you admire.