Exploring Al Montazah Park Sharjah is a great way to recover from the busy city for those seeking incomparable charm and quality time with their families and friends. Not only does the UAE include the most advanced technology and great activities, but it also has the most remarkable places for you to chill and enjoy your time. This 126,000 square meters park includes two sections with a dedicated green space where you can have a one-of-a-kind picnic filled with delight. At the same time, you and your children can get to admire over 35 thrilling water rides and attractions. Sounds great, right?

Explore Al Montazah Park Rides

As one of the most remarkable spots in Sharjah, Al Montazah Park includes a massive range of joyful rides and attractions. In this breathtaking place, relaxation and joy are a must to feel!

The Flying Carpet

Let your beloved kids glide down a colorful, 110/150 centimeters carpet slide over a 90 centimeters swimming pool. This lovely slide can provide your little ones with the most incredible pleasure and excitement.

Forgotten Valley

Another enjoyable slide in this park is the spectacular Forgotten Valley. This is a 141 centimeters combination of slides and tubes that end up with a 130/170 centimeters swimming pool. It’s a combination of the world’s most pleasant water slides.

Sea Of Treasures

It’s time to explore some incredible marine wonders! Enjoy endless splashes and enjoy your time to the fullest! This might be your kids’ new favorite water activity!

Enjoy It To The Fullest!

Nothing feels more enjoyable and outstanding when it’s family time than a refreshing day of watersports, slides, and tubes. Every minute is as pleasant as you can imagine in this spectacular spot. Plan your visit, bring your family and friends, and enjoy a remarkable adventure or pure fun!