Having a good meal in a luxurious site is always a great way to refresh your soul, have a break from the busy lifestyle you have, and strengthen your bond with the ones you love. That’s the main reason you need to check out a list of 5-star restaurants where your meal is cooked perfectly on point with the best view possible. In the UAE, French food has its own identity and great value. Every French food-specialized restaurant is one of a kind. They present nothing less than complete perfection within every snack or drink they offer. Are you ready to enjoy the wealthiness of the UAE’s French restaurants?

Pick a Place 

Every diner place in the UAE has its unbeatable value. Whether we’re talking about hotel-attached, beach-located, or tower-located restaurants, each of them offers a unique experience that you and your family/friends would admire. If you’re craving to feel the luxury of Dubai’s food sites, you need to visit at least one diner from the list we have!

Bistrot Bagatelle

This is one of the most outstanding restaurants where luxury is the secret behind every delicious flavor and viewpoint. They offer high-level service with the most excellent modern French dishes you can taste, located at Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road. At this diner, your dinner is flattered with the pumping music and cheerful vibes, which leads you to have a night to remember!

Bistro Des Arts

How about joining your festive dinner with an artistic vibe? Sounds great, right? At Bistro Des Arts, every meal is made by professional chefs who see art through every ingredient. Get a taste of what art food is all about with a stunning view of Dubai Marina. With such incredible service on this lovely site, every meal is one of a kind.

Le Cirque

Another charming restaurant considered the oldest French restaurant in New York, Le Cirque, Dubai version, offers a sophisticated menu for you to pick what you desire. At the same time, it gives you the chance to enjoy your meal with a breathtaking view on an outdoor terrace. If you’re about to have a romantic dinner, this site, located at The Ritz-Carlton DIFC, might be your new best friend!

A Place To Admire

Whenever we think we’ve seen everything in the world, the UAE surprises us with a new place we need to try. Each corner in this dreamy site is filled with one or two incredible activities or restaurants/clubs we can’t help but love. If you’re looking for the best French restaurant in Dubai, look no more. Pick any restaurant on the above list, and let your night be as memorable and admirable as possible.

“Let Every Meal Be The Best Meal”