The great thing about the UAE isn’t only how it’s incredibly loaded with fun activities and views. But also how fascinating its 5-star hotels and restaurants are. For example, if you’re into Italian food, you can find a wide range of high-level Italian restaurants that you would admire. These restaurants offer the most incredible meals and drinks combined with excellent service and breathtaking views. If you’re seeking to fill your trip to the UAE with some delight and luxury, the UAE is the perfect place for you.

Complement Your Trip!

Having fun in the UAE is always a great option to have. But complementing your trip with a luxurious Italian meal is a must. Pick your favorite site and enjoy a remarkable adventure.

Merea DIFC

One of the most spectacular sites where having a meal is magic is at Merea DIFC. It offers high-level service combined with a stunning view. It suits families, friends, business people, and solo travelers. If you’re seeking to create some unforgettable memories, this place will flatter your experience with wealthiness.

Social by Heinz Beck

How about a meal that presents a piece of paradise within every bite? At Social by Heinz Beck, you get to enjoy an excellent meal with incredible flavors that you would admire. This top Italian restaurant in Dubai offers a menu from the Michelin-starred cook loaded with a wide range of delicious meals.


Another outstanding Italian restaurant you would love in Dubai is the great Basta. You get to enjoy your meal on the Al Fresco terrace while watching the sparkling Dubai Water Canal views. Sounds dreamy, don’t you think? Well, this outstanding dinner is the perfect place for you to have some quality time with your beloved ones.

Torno Subito

This great diner offers every simple meal you can imagine, from tasty pizza, breathtaking pasta and much more. It offers casual and fun vibes that your meal can’t be complete without. You’re in your piece of heaven when you’re at this spot.

A Meal To Remember

There are thousands of places where you can enjoy your meal, but when it comes to combining your feed with a good view and high-level service, the UAE has it all for you. Are you ready to have a meal to remember?