Exploring every detail about the UAE in 24 hours might seem impossible, but enjoying every second of it is priceless. Anywhere you go, and every activity you get to enjoy with your beloved ones in the UAE is worth the visit. As it offers thousands of remarkable adventures you will admire, you’ll be building unforgettable memories.

Let’s Plan Your Visit

If you have only 24 hours in the UAE, you need to take advantage of every minute to explore most of this place. Let’s plan your visit and fill it with the most admirable adventures!

Hot Air Balloon

A great way to start your day is by exploring the charming view of Dubai’s desert by riding the hot air balloon with your favorite person! Prepare your camera! You’re about to witness a great landscape.

Recommendation: Hot Air Balloon – Charter Package

Take a Bus Tour

Explore the great places of Dubai by taking a bus tour with your family. You’ll get to take photos and see most of the UAE’s charming buildings and skyscrapers while enjoying the great weather and hearing more about its history from a professional guide.

Dubai Mall

If you’re seeking to enjoy a great shopping experience, have a quick meal, or enjoy some indoor activities, then this is for you! Visit Dubai Mall and present your family with the most delicious food and great shopping. At the same time, you can enjoy experiencing a stunning ice skating adventure!

Recommendation: Ice Skating Dubai Mall/ Dubai Mall Ice Rink Tickets

Helicopter Ride

Watch the UAE’s lovely views from a whole new perspective while enjoying some time in the sky! This activity is like no other. It shows you what the UAE looks like from above, which seems extraordinary.

Recommendation: Helicopter Ride 22 Minutes

Beach Time

Now that the sun isn’t that hot, it’s time to enjoy some time in the water! You can experience a unique and priceless jet-skiing adventure with your friends. You will admire this for sure.

Recommendation: Jet Ski – 30 Minutes Tour

Dubai Fountain

After spending some time at the beach, it’s time to enjoy a calming event that’s only available in the UAE. Spend a few minutes watching the dancing fountains of Dubai that are generated from Burj Khalifa with your favorite music. People attend this event to spend some time and watch this glorious event.

Burj Khalifa 

As you’re already close to this incredible skyscraper, it’s a waste not to go inside and view the charm we hear people admire. Burj Khalifa holds a great selection of luxurious restaurants and an incredible view on its roof for you to discover what old and present Dubai looks like.

Recommendation: Burj Khalifa Top & Dubai Aquarium Combo

Dinner In The Sky

End your trip by visiting Dubai’s sky! You can enjoy having a great meal in the sky while viewing this marvelous place. This activity is a unique one for you and your group of friends.

Recommendation: Dinner in the Sky

All In All

The UAE is a stunning place to have some fun and make new memories. As it offers a collection of incredible activities and views, nothing would feel more satisfying than enjoying this place.