EACH YEAR, the UAE fills its streets with the most remarkable experiences, views, performances, and more. As the weather starts cooling down, Dubai Miracle Garden opens its gates every season in this delightful site with over 150 million flowers in full bloom. Seeking joy isn’t as complicated as you’d think if you could give this beautiful place a visit. With 72,000-sq-m of remarkably looking paradise, this area is where you get to have the most fabulous time with your friends and family. Are you ready to have some quality time?

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Rare & Famous

One of the fascinating things about this place is how it’s made in the arid desert of Dubai, which is very unexpected to see such a fabulous location in the middle of a desert. As you step inside, you’ll get to explore breathtaking celestial designs that are only shaped by flowers, anywhere and everywhere. This place became so famous due to its rare designs and dazzling layouts.

Where Photography Is Meant To Be

Photographers always seek to find that perfect place to capture unique pictures. If you’re passionate about photography in any way, this place is as perfect as you can imagine for you to take the most colorful and charming photos possible.

Always New!

First visits always have a unique feeling, but every time is the first time for this beautiful place. As this decent place’s teams keep updating it with bizarre designs, you’ll always visit this site as it’s the first time you do.

Largest Flower Wall

As a marvelous segment of a 4 kilometers long pathway garden, this attractive spot is loaded with a vivid range of floral picks. As an enormous flower wall, you will fall in love with its spectacular views as soon as you arrive.

When To Visit?

The lovely Dubai Miracle Garden opens from November to May only. It closes the gates all summer long for renovation and replacing old themes; it appears in a whole different design every year. Every year, you can visit it and still get amused with every design you see. How wonderful does that sound? Plan your visit, and enjoy it to the fullest!

Why Visit This Place?

There are thousands of other activities you can enjoy with your family and friends, but when it comes to enjoying some quality and quiet time, nothing beats the calmness of this site. It allows you and your beloved family and friends to fill your lungs with the cleanest air and provide your soul with the most soothing vibes. Your kids will admire spending a few hours exploring this site.