As the UAE is an excellent place loaded with great activities, scenes, and technology, people visit its significant areas every year. The exciting part about exploring this incredible country is how you get to see new things anywhere you go. They turned their sees into stunning places and their dessert into a place where you can meet culture and feel some adrenaline. No time is better than New Year’s Eve to explore such a great place and build memories with your beloved ones. 

Best Spots to Start Your Year

On this particular day, every corner of the UAE celebrates with the best wishes to more decades of achievements. Ready to make some wishes?

Excite your heart

One of the most outstanding views you can relish in the UAE is watching the magnificent fireworks all across Abu Dhabi on this day. Pick a table at your favorite 5-stars restaurant that has a good view, and enjoy a memorable night.

Island Parties

When it comes to good music, delicious drinks, and a dancing floor, every club in the UAE offers what you’re seeking. But when it comes to living that experience uniquely in a lovely place, you need to book your tickets to the island parties. In this particular spot, you get to meet your favorite socialites, celebrities, or sportspeople in fabulous 5-star dining places. At the same time, the beach gets lined with several food trucks that offer excellent meals, drinks, and snacks.

Yas Island

How about starting your year with thrilling performances by world-renowned artists? Well, at YAS World, you get to enjoy many special family-friendly activities that you can’t explore anywhere else, or at least not as enjoyable as in such a lovely area.

Saadiyat Island

Do you enjoy having fun at the beach while watching thrilling fireworks facing the sea? If so, this site is a piece of heaven for you. Enjoy your dinner under the lovely sky of Abu Dhabi with spectacular and famous DJs playing your favorite music.

In The Desert

You might think a desert is a hot place where you can only enjoy safari trips, but, in this lovely place, you get to live the most magical shows. This event is family-friendly, which you and your children will find a way to enjoy. Every year, it includes fun activities for kids such as face painting and clowns, belly dancers, Yala dance, and more. Furthermore, this site offers you to create the best memories possible.

Have a Great New Year’s Eve!

On new year’s eve, magic can happen in the UAE. If you’re seeking some fun with your family or friends, this place is the best on earth for you. Book your tickets, and enjoy a stunning night that’s like no other.