Isn’t new years eve a great festival? People from all around the world celebrate this beautiful night with their closest friends and beloved families. As it’s the start of a new year, everyone wishes the best putting great goals to follow and accomplish. You can do the simplest things on such a day and still enjoy it to the fullest, such as taking a walk with your pet to view the beautiful lights around your neighborhood or booking your tickets to an admirable concert. In Dubai, this festival has a whole different level of delight. Every building, scene, and corner gets covered with the most magnificent light decorations.

Start Your Year Remarkably

As New Year’s Eve is the festival that unions everyone worldwide, the UAE celebrates this pleasurable night with a new perspective. How about some joyous adventures to enjoy on such a lovely night with your family and friends?

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the things people admire exploring on any day of the year. But can you imagine how significant it would feel to see this site on New Year’s Eve? Every year, this lovely skyscraper gets decorated flawlessly with the most outstanding lights with the beautiful fountains dancing to Christmas or new year’s songs. Take a few minutes of your day and explore a charming view that’s like no other at the roof of Burj Khalifa. If you don’t have any other plans, book your table at any of this skyscraper’s 5-star dining options and enjoy a night to remember.

Recommendation: At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY – Level 148

Atlantis the Palm Dubai

If you’re an adrenaline seeker, you need to present yourself and your family with the charm of Atlantis The Palm Dubai. In such a lovely place, you get to watch the marvelous fireworks all across the Palm while enjoying live music and many dining options that offer the most incredible scenes and shows. Whether you pick your table in a 5-star hotel or would like to have dinner under the stars like in Atlantis Gala, the Palm is a perfect place to welcome your new year with pleasure.

Global Village

The beautiful Global Village is a family-friendly place where your kids will admire while all you do is enjoy your night. It offers incredible views of fireworks on this night combined with the most pleasant children’s activities and delicious meals, drinks, and snacks. At the same time, it presents spectacular events and breathtaking performances that you can’t find anywhere else with such luxury.

Recommendation: Global Village

The start of a luxurious lifestyle

Every year, on this particular day, we dream about having the most significant lifestyle and living that wealthy life. Well, how about starting your year with luxury? If you’re about to visit the UAE on this beautiful night, you can keep your expectations as high as you want. Dubai is that lovely place that will put your comfort and pleasure as priorities! You’re about to see what the world has to show with the marvelous adventures you can explore in this fascinating place.